The new year has arrived! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and wish you a successful New Year 2019.

The snowfall limit is sinking. Weather warnings due to high waves at the North side of the island.

The mild temperatures we were having on Mallorca, are coming to an end. No later than Wednesday (9.1.) the temperatures will drop extremely, and snow is expected. Already on the nights before, the temperatures are anticipated to become very low.

On Monday (7.1.)  Palma's thermometer shows around 15 Degrees with a clear sky. During the night of Tuesday (8.1.) the temperatures are expected to drop close to the freezing point (1 Degree in Palma). From Wednesday evening onwards, a cold North wind is expected. Throughout the occurence of such winds, rainfall is possible. The snowfall limit will sink on Wednesday to 800 meters and on Thursday to 500 meters.