The year is drawing to a close. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust and wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year 2019.

On Thursday (22.11.) the city turned its lights on. This year, it will be less colourful, but the outskirts of the centre will shine brighter.

On Thursady (22.11.), Palma's mayor, along with the citizens, switched the city's Christmas lights on. Not only did plenty of lights fill the boulevards of the city center, but also the outskirts; in which the people made a particularly strong effort to illuminate the areas. In addition, the city hall unifies the lighting and thus uses less colored lighting elements. "After all, the city should not look like a discotheque", says Rodrigo Romero, who is the city councils responsible for the infrastructure of Palma. "My job includes the footpaths, the trees in the city, the street lights and the lighting for festivities/celebrations."

750.000 Euros for Christmas lights.

3,297 images and texts will be made out of the christmas lights this year. These include stars, or the traditional best wishes "Bones Festes" (Happy Celebration). 2,310 fairy lights will hang in the trees. In addition, the city will illuminate 157 palm trees. In the different areas of Palma, about 108 kilometers of cable lighting will be installed. This includes the Pla├ža de la Reina, where a kind of light tent will be formed.


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